I'm a London based front end developer, with over 16 years experience.

My site is mid-update, but in the meantime here are a few basics:

My name's Emma Williams and I have over 16 years experience in digital design and development, working with agencies around London, and, for two years, Melbourne. Coming from an artistic background my introduction to web development came from design and animation, but I swiftly discovered my enjoyment of coding and moved into development. My earliest projects were HTML/Javascript based, but then I moved into Flash development, working on multiple games, microsites, touch screen apps, and digital campaigns over the years. With the decline of Flash, I moved back into HTML development and now have a strong command of Javascript and CSS, including experience with React / React Native and popular web tooling libraries. I have a strong interest in keeping up with the latest development trends, while recognising the importance of knowing how the basics work. Alongside my development skills I also have a good eye for design, detail, and animation.

Brands I've work on over the years include: Fiat, McDonalds, Jeep, Orange, O2, Disney, Premier League, Citroen, Bupa, Colgate, Mattel, Maersk Oil, BP.

I'm very comfortable with the Adobe design suite, and Atom is my text editor of choice.

I'm available for freelance work.
Get in touch: emma@bocuma.com